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Wasabi (ワサビ), or Wasabia japonica, is a plant of Japanese origin belonging to the same family of vegetables more familiar to us, such as radish, horseradish, rocket and cabbage. The roots of this precious and very ancient plant are difficult to find and expensive because they grow rather slowly.
From the root of this plant we obtain a green paste with a particularly spicy taste and a rather dense consistency, well known to those who have tried Japanese cuisine at least once. In fact, it is usually used as an accompaniment to the typical dishes of the Eastern tradition, such as sushi, sashimi, tempura.
This particular sauce can boast antiseptic and antioxidant properties as well as having a high concentration of vitamin C.
Moreover, the root can be considered a natural antimicrobial agent, therefore useful also during the consumption of raw fish, as happens in the eastern gastronomic tradition.

Tobiotsuka Kofun, 10/09//2019

Tobi Kofun(trasparente)_edited.jpg

Another season is about to end and I begin to get used to the presence of these new friends.

I think they are very interested in this place and want to find out who was here before me.

I can't help them, I'm just a young bat!

Of course, if my father or grandfather had been alive, everything would have been easier..........

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