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The main core of BE-ARCHAEO is the archaeological excavation of the Tobiotsuka Kofun (Soja city in Okayama Prefecture) and challenging studies of other Kofun burial mounds and related archaeological material in ancient Kibi and Izumo area (present Okayama and Shimane Prefectures), focusing on the rituals, the regional relationships and the formation of ancient state in Japan.

Archaeologists (from both Europe and Japan) will collaborate with a large team of interlinked archaeometry experts (i.e.: chemists, physicists, biologists, geologists, petrographers, veterinary surgeons and soil scientists) to carry on a very advanced research focused on a major period of the old history of Japan. Journalists, video makers, web masters and IT experts will participate in all the steps of activities from the archaeological excavation to the laboratory, where the finds and all the different samples taken on field will be processed.

All the involved experts will contribute their disciplinary skills to grow up a new trans-disciplinary vision of archaeology combined with archaeometry. BE-ARCHAEO activities will be accessible and engaging to the general public through media communication and two final exhibitions will display the new storytelling - from the archaeological site to the museum through archaeology and science – generated by the project.

The research is innovative from the methodological point of view and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation staff exchange programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (grant agreement No. 823826).

The BE-ARCHAEO concepts are developed and implemented by a consortium of prestigious European academic (University of Turin, University of Lisbon, IRIAE) and private parties (TecnArt, Terra-Marine and Visual Dimension) and a partner institute in Japan (Okayama University).

The commitment of all parties in Europe and in Japan is quite significant in terms of faculty and staff members, who will be seconded for 175 months to all the involved parties and mostly to Japan, where the main activities will take place.


University of Turin
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Visual Dimension
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Okayama University
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International Research Institute for Archaeology and Ethnology
Universidade de Lisboa
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