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© photo Lorenzo Colantoni

30/03/2020   Scientific contribution of
Samuele Voyron and Laura Guglielmone

One more great achievement for BeArchaeo project


In February 2020 the BIO team was again in Japan to present the results of the biological investigation of the Tobiotsuka Kofun and to promote networking between Italian and Japanese scientists.

The networking action was very successful, in fact thanks to the precious collaboration of the research group of the Prof. Kazhuiro Sato of the Institute of Plant Science and Resources of the Okayama University....


© photo Marco Merola

21/08/2019   Marco Merola

Unveiling Kofun's secrets


At the end of a very long trip from Italy (and after having escaped Krose typhoon wich wipped japanese arcipelagus by the middle of august), archaeologists, scientists and communicators of BeArchaeo project finally reached their final destination: Okayama.

The first week of work was very intense but exciting.

Archaeologists from IRIAE officially kicked off the first excavation campaign in Tobiotsuka kofun and collaborated with japanese counterpart (the University of Okayama) to excavate and clean the whole site.......

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