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Eliano Diana


Eliano Diana, PhD, is professor in general and inorganic chemistry at the University of Turin.

The research activity is developed in two main areas:

Inorganic chemistry field:

(a) vibrational spectrosopy characterisation ( by means of IR and Raman techniques) of molecules and materials both organic and inorganic

(b) Synthesis and characterization of coordination polymers, especially with transition metals with d10 configuration, in order to obtain sensor materials.

Cultural heritage field: characterisation of archaeological and ligno-cellulosic materials by means of vibrational and electronic spectroscopies.

The research activity is documented by 74 papers published on scientific journals of relevant impact. Participated to the editorship of an inorganic chemistry textbook, and contributed to some magazines as reviewer. Cooperates with the Piedmont Archeology Office and the Turin Oriental Art Museum, in order to help to determine the provenance and the conservation state of archaeological finds.

Since 15 years holds organizing tasks at the university courses; he's the former dean of the Cultural heritage science course and actually he's the dean of the Chemistry and Chemical Technologies Course of the Turin University.

He's the former dean of the Piemonte-Valle d'Aosta section of the Italian Chemical Society in the 2014-2016 period, and attended to the organization of several Italy-France congresses.

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