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Monica Gulmini


Monica GULMINI was born in Torino (Italy) on 1967. She graduated with honours in Chemistry in 1992 and obtained her PhD in Chemical Sciences in 1997.

She has been working at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Torino since 1999 with the role of assistant professor (“RicercatoreUniversitario”) in Analytical Chemistry and leader of the AMAMASA team (ArchaeoMetry and Analytical Methods for hiStorical and Archaeological materials).

At the University of Torino, she is lecturer of elective modules on chemical methods for the investigation of tangible cultural heritage within bachelor’s and master’s degree courses and she is frequently supervisor for thesis research projects.

Her research activityis focussed on the chemical analyses of materials of artistic/archaeological relevance -with particular reference to pottery, glass, historical musical instruments and textiles - aimed at obtaining information on production technologies, provenance and degradation processes.

Her scientific activity is documented by articles published in international scientific journals (see ORCID or ResearcherID) and by about 100 oral/poster presentations at national and international congresses.

Within the BE-ARCHAEO projectshe is among the key-people for the University of Torino and leads WP1 (cooperation and synergy).

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