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Spyridon Maroulakis


Technical Director of Terramarine

PhD Geophysicist – Marine Geologist with more than 10 year international offshore and office based experience.

Successfully participated in several marine surveying projects held by the Department of Geology of the University of Athens and the Hellenic Center Marine Research.

Experienced in:

  • ELAC Seabeam 2100, 3550, 1055 and 1180, Reson 7125 and T-20p multibeam systems

  • Several seismic, sidescan sonar and magnetometer systems (SIG sparker, boomer, Datasonics chirp, Geoacoustics 3.5KHz, Geoacoustics sidescan sonar, Geometrics G-882 magnetometer)

  • Positioning with DGPS and RTK units

  • Several single beam echo sounders

  • Sound velocity probes

  • Tide gauges

  • Gravity and box corers

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