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Rosanna Piervittori

Rosanna PIERVITTORI was born in Torino (Italy) on 1954. She graduated in Natural Sciences in 1978. Current positions: Associate Professor of Environmental and Applied Botany at the Dept. Life Sciences and Systems Biology of the University of Torino and President of Long cycle Master Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (University of Torino).

Teaching positions: Master Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Biology for Restoration of Cultural Heritage), Natural Sciences (Lichenology) and Doctoral School of Sciences and Innovative Technologies, Ph.D. Program in Biology and Applied Biotechnologies (Tutor).

(2006-2015) President of the Aosta Valley Regional Museum Natural Sciences (Italy); (2009-2011) Past President of the Italian Lichenological Society.

Her research activity is carried on the study of lichens, with particular attention to their applicative implications in the fields of environmental and cultural heritage: i) biodegradation (physical deterioration, chemical alteration); ii) biodeterioration (stoneworks with historical and architectural value) and iii) bioremediation (environmental artefacts such as concrete-asbestos) through the ecophysiological characterization of the epi- and endolithic lichenic component (action of primary and secondary metabolites).

From 2006 the Laboratory of Lichenology, of which she is in charge, is certified for the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001 (Research, Design and Development in the field of Plant and Fungal Biology for Industrial, Food, Environmental and Cultural Heritage applications).

Her scientific activity, developed within national projects, agreements and in collaboration with italian and foreign groups, has been published in 200 papers (; ORCID, incomplete list) including articles in ISI journals, non-ISI journals, books, chapters in books, works in extenso in proceedings, an audiovisual (documentary) and contributes presented as lectures/posters at national and international Congresses.

Within the BE_ARCHAEO project she is among the key-people for the University of Torino.