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Pavlos Sotiropoulos


Technical Director of Terramarine

Geologist– Geophysicist with more than 15 year international field and office based experience.

Successfully participated in several E.U. projects:

  • “A non-destructive Pulse Neutron Multiple Detector Tool for use in environmental, hydrocarbons and mineral exploration work”, in the framework of «GROWTH, proposal to Promoting Competitive and Sustainable Growth, Innovative products, processes and organizations». 

  • “Integrated Geophysical Techniques for Surveying and Quantifying Potentially Polluted Sediments in European Waterways (GEOWATERS)”. Partly financed by EU. 


Involved in international research programs: 

  • Reconstructing the landscape configuration in the vicinity of Ancient Phaistos (Messara Plain, Central Crete, Greece) from Minoan to Roman times


  • Geophysical Survey (GPR/ERT) at Holly Sepulcher – Jerusalem / NDT prospection in the study, implementation and monitoring of the rehabilitation of the Holy Aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem within the Scientific integrated governance.

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