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BE-ARCHAEO: research and innovation pillars

WP1: Cooperation and synergy (WP Leader: UNITO – Monica Gulmini)

Activities in WP1 will lead the integration of the various kinds of expertise and the development of trans-disciplinary procedures. The challenge faced in WP1 will be the overcoming of the disciplinary boundaries, to face the archaeological questions and obtain new knowledge through a trans-disciplinary approach for the investigation of the traces of human past registered at archaeological sites and finds.


WP2 - Field work (WP Leader: IRIAE – Daniele Petrella)

Activities in WP2 will take place at the Tobiotsuka Kofun archaeological site, where a truly interdisciplinary team will operate synergistically. The activities will set up continuous interaction between Eastern and Western teams during prospections and excavations. They will share, compare and exchange experiences and procedures and will experiment archaeological approaches directly linked to archaeometric investigations.


WP3: Materials (WP Leader: TECNART – Fulvio Fantino)

Activities in WP3 will be focused on the investigation of finds excavated at the archaeological site and of the objects selected from the huge Japanese collections held by the involved partners. A large set of materials such as pottery, metals, stones, bones, wood and seeds will be considered. Analysis of soil samples collected at the archaeological site will be performed to understand the specific characteristics of the burial environment.


WP4: Database and software tools (WP Leader: UNITO – Vincenzo Lombardo)

Activities in WP4 will consider the integration of all the data produced in BE-ARCHAEO in a common database linked to a GIS and visualized on 3D stratigraphic models. The database will represent the first example of integrated multidisciplinary and systematic investigation of Japanese proto- history and will collect data from the archaeological survey and excavations, as well as all the information recovered from the overall analysis of the materials. IT tools will be developed to combine the contribution of all the expertise involved, to set up new interactive experiences to be exploited by researchers and for communicating archaeology through science.ù

WP5: Communication and dissemination (WP Leader: ULISBOA – Mariana Diniz)

Activities in WP5 implement the dissemination of BE-ARCHAEO results with publications on scientific and technical journals, poster and oral presentations in congresses and with the organization of workshops. The communication plan is targeted at multiple audiences, beyond the project's own community, and envisages the creation of a documentary film and the preparation of two interactive exhibitions (one in Japan and one in Italy) within the project’s final events. Communication activities cover entirely the project time-spam by means of the BE-ARCHAEO web site, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram) and newspapers and media channels, which will be activated by the BE-ARCHAEO team of journalists.

WP6: Management (WP Leader: UNITO – Cristian Lo Iacono)

Activities in WP6 BE-ARCHAEO ensure an efficient, effective, robust - as well as fair and transparent - project management. All the involved parties agree to contribute to a smooth and successful implementation of the project. The BE-ARCHAEO management structure includes the supervisory board, the management team and the work packages leaders.

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